I like to write. I like to take photographs. I like art. So my good intentions tell me that these will be the things I will most likely write about. But then again I also enjoy have a predeliction for the dramatic and self deprecation, feminism and film and verbose discussions of cultural theory. So these will be things that will also no doubt feature.

As the titular wineuponthelips suggests, Virginia Woolf is often a daily inspiration, as are her theories of language and it’s ability to intoxicate and seduce.

Consider wineuponthelips a preamble to the time when I finally get that novel published/release a shiny coffee table book of photography/become a well paid and well laid inhabitant of a maison de passe in Paris. May wineuponthelips provide some awkward but nonetheless hilarious reflection of myself- an online equivalent of my 13-year old diary… but hopefully with less trials and tribulations of bus stop romances and awkward poetry.

But again, I cannot make such promises.


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