if you are ever lost for words…

…I am sure you will be able to find a couple in here:

The Strahov Library in Prague.

And why, pray tell, have I randomly come across this particular library? No real reason other than I have been spending increasing amounts of time on Twitter and was sent a link to this site which shows the World’s  Largest 360 degree Indoor Photograph, boasting an incredible 40 Gigapixel resolution. Which, for none camera geeks, is the technical term for ‘frigging awesome’.

It was created using 3,000 individual photographs stitched together – if you printed this bad boy out it would apparently measure 23m long! While I certainly do not have the technology to do such a thing, I heartily recommend using the ‘Full Screen’ option on your computer for full enjoyment.

So I felt it needed to be shared. The Library is part of the Strahov Monastery and is open to the public from 9am – 5pm every single day of the year. And houses 50,000 books.

What dreams are made of? Nay, what my porn is made of… Just think of all the alphabetising that could be done……

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One thought on “if you are ever lost for words…

  1. beautiful range of tones and colors. nice composition, too.

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