wholesome whistles

There is something about a well timed and placed whistle in a song that really does just hammer it home.

During an astonishingly belated Burn’s Supper last night and what essentially became a 12 hour vegetable eating/whisky drinking orgy culminating in a booze scented walk through the morning mists of suburban North London, I was introduced to some unexpected joy.

Like a 13 year old pouring her self-involved soul onto the pages of a self-covered notebook, I had a realisation which I would like to share.

One of my favourite things about late night get togethers is the inevitable 4am YouTube DJ set. As mentioned last week, the chasm of free time that has recently opened in my life is currently being filled with music, new, old, things I will only listen to on my headphones… My most recent discovery comes in the shape of LA ten-piece and joy-bringers, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

I know, I know, nothing new, but you forget us folk in the UK are sheltered from anything that is good and wholesome and could bring joy into our otherwise cloudy lives.

I digress.

Sitting listening to ‘Home’, from their album Up From Below, I experienced a similar epiphany as the first time  I saw Arcade Fire perform. These guys know how to have fun. Like serious fun. With tambourines. And unadulterated dancing. And I would like to join their band.

Music has always been something of an outlet for me from a young age, painfully trying to match awkwardly written poetry to even more awkwardly played guitar in my adolescent bedroom, something which has thankfully now been replaced by a more passive approach – listening to the music. There is something liberating about watching other people so free on stage. Or, in the case of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, in the desert.

I came to the conclusion that I would like to ride more bicycles, dance in the desert, grow a moustache, wear more maxi-dresses, braid my hair, run around holding hands with no less than six comrades…. Yes one of this list may pose something of a challenge considering my genetic make-up but nonetheless – I relish a challenge. As my newly updated CV and accompanying cover letter will tell you.

Like a musical pep talk, fuelled by whisky and long stares, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and their wholesome whistles are going to provide my motivation for this week ahead. I will be applying for jobs. I will be going for runs. I will not not be thinking about moving to Nepal.

I will be trying to instill some joy back in my life in the shape of folk instruments and bearded men. And adorable broken Hispanic families.

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