the wild things

Waking up with glitter embedded into my flesh is not something I have experienced since I was about 15 years old and held the philosophy that it made me look wild and over 18 enough to get into Manchester’s seedier establishments with the darker corners of the dance floor. Funnily enough it worked thus perpetuating my love of glitter for a few years too long.

Fear not, I have not revived my glam rock tribute band stylings – the wild things made me do it.

After a somewhat slow start, last night we ended up at a warehouse party in some nameless East London industrial estate. Only since we were essentially crashing my housemate’s friend’s party we did not get the memo that it was animal fancy dress. Now I am not familiar with the animal that features glitter on its plumes but the nice gent whose irridescent face made my eyes hurt felt I needed some glitter on the ole face too. Hence this mornings embedded sparkle.

The scene from above resembled a scene from one of my favourite childhood books (cliche, yes, do I care, no) Where The Wild Things Are. Only perhaps with a tad more MDMA and lasers. As a necessary continuation of last nights events, I will be watching Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are. And most likely fashioning a makeshift animal outfit in homage to last nights revelling bretheren and my inner tiny child who was never allowed one when it was a reasonable age to wear animal costumes in public. I just wish I had a crown…

I like to think that somewhere, scattered around wherever I was last night, there are packs of bedazzled, be-furred scenesters, huddled in doorways and at deserted bus stops, happy that not only did their all-in-one costume option fit the bill supremely but also that it doubles up as a handy sleeping bag offering the necessary warmth against the rapidly descending temperatures of London while looking so distinctly hip.

I cannot avoid the inevitable link to this video – another jump on the hipster viral bandwagon…

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