So I just finished reading Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights Big City. At only 160 pages it was not much of a challenge and on the face of it merely served to keep me entertained on 2.5 days’ commute to work. But in actuality, it has given me what might be the best inspiration for a story I have had in a long time. A long long time.

After hearing that an old friend has spent the last year writing a book and reflecting back on my own portfolio of the last year which has sadly resigned itself to various blogs and online tyrades, my heart became weighted with the realisation that I hadn’t actually written anything of interest or of marginal worth for about 9 months…

But, while Bright Lights Big City might not be an life changing read, something about its style, its shameless simplicity and its effortless capture of an era really sparked something in me… An idea I had a few months ago has lay untouched until now. In the wake of my new job, various emotional confusions and the usual familiar concerns I feel this could be the time to get back on the preverbial writing horse. (Writing horse?? Maybe need to brush up on the ole metaphors)

Watch this space. Or not. Chances are nothing will come of it and it will just be another Word document that sits unfinished clogging up my hard drive ashamed of its own incompleteness or my own reluctance to let anyone read it…

Also – watch this space : ilovefilmdoyou? New film blog.

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