Double demin. It’s a phrase that strikes terror into the hearts of many- myself included, but with the recent influx of denim on the high streets and runways alike I have been led to question how what is essentially an ideal match come to be such a fashion faux pas?

I was on the tube yesterday, on one of my regular neverending jaunts to Hammersmith, and began doing my usual underground judging – nay, observing. Opposite me, in the space between the pages of my book and the mans crotch that had positioned itself in my face, I saw a flash of the fateful acid wash denim.

Huh. Those are some bright jeans, I thought to myself before returning to Gunter Grass. But then, as my eyes flicked down to my book I noticed the acid wash continued beneath her azure fleece- itself complimenting the lurid blue threads permeating through the pale denim. The double denim. Gunter would have to wait.

Dramatic yes. But it was not so much the combination that got me thinking, in terms of taste, but rather the connotations this womans outfit had.

What? Fashion connotations? Yes.

Yes this woman looked ridiculous but why? In terms of fashion, surely matching fabrics are ideal and the perfect jacket (fleece) to match your outfit is almost compulsory. This lovely lady probably woke up and thought, feeling spritely, thought- yes, today is a denim day. Pulling on her jeans, sitting comfortably by her belly button, she will have looked around thinking- “Which top could possibly match the beautifully lurid blue of my lower garment?” Digging through her drawers she happens upon a denim shirt. The perfect match. Happy with her choice, she will have entered her day, unbeknownst that women everywhere would be judging her because of her matching capability.

However, as the double denim begins to appear on our catwalks once again and with the likes of Alexa Chung rarely seen without her trademarks denims, perhaps tube lady is on to something.

Look at these lovely twentysomethings circa 1984. Head to toe in bedazzled denim:

I envy their joy. A similar look of self contentment graces their face, like the look tube lady wore on her journey to Hammersmith. Perhaps it is me who is missing the trick. Maybe knowing my clothes matched so perfectly would bring me a true sense of wellbeing and happiness.

And perhaps it will give me the ability to maintain such fantastic hair height.

Those eyes have the answers.

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