silent skies

It’s not really something I have ever really given very much thought to be honest, how busy our skies are. Especially in London where the sound of passing airplanes is so easily drowned out by the screams of sirens/traffic/passing hobos who have lost their shoe.

But with all the recent kerfuffle (wonderful word, most likely the completely wrong spelling) concerning the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud which has brought air travel to a standstill, our silent skies have come to the forefront of my mind.

This pensivity is no doubt fuelled by my perpetual boredom (read unemployment) after finishing work at the gallery and as such has led me to spend most of my days on my back (not in the good way) in the various greeneries of London. After a particularly good session at the weekend, allowing the sounds of loved up couples, ravenous dogs and the welcome and familiar scent of contraband substances to inhabit my person, I caught a glimpse of a rather peculiar sight:

Why, that is just a rectangle of blue! I hear you cry.

Exactly. I retort contentedly. My point exactly.

Staring up from my prostrate (not prostate) position this is the what I saw, the most beautiful blue, untarnished by clouds and the whispy white veins of airplane tracks. Granted, while I may have been enjoyed this pleasant sight there are thousands of people stranded around the world, unable to get flights home but after reading an interview with a lady who was stuck on a beach in Sharm El Sheikh for an extra week, I found it quite difficult to drum up any sympathy. Then again… while I have never sampled the delights of the Sharm El Sheikh, instead opting to stay at the more chilled and less orange Nuweiba further up the coast in Sinai, I have sampled the airport. And it ain’t pretty. But that is completely another story.

Tangent. Back to the incredibly orange lady whose life has been ruined by getting stranded on the Egyptian coast. Stop complaining. Would you like to swap places with me and spend your days looking wistfully at the happy commuters on their way to work? Do you want to hold my sign saying ‘Will work for peanuts. Actual peanuts…I am very hungry’ ? No? Didn’t think so.

Air travel is the highest contributing factor to global warming- I’m sure there are some overwhelming statistics to support this if you care to find them- so I’m finding it hard to understand why the villagers are lighting their torches against the airlines for not magicking them a flight home rather than appreciating a week where we aren’t going to be responsible for the eventual demise of our planet…Too much? Yes. Apologies.

But people, seriously, a fucking volcano erupted, ash and molten debris has engulfed the skies. Yes you want to get home but do you really want to fly through that?? No.

However… as an aside to the universe, if I could see the ash cloud in the sky that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Yours Sincerely, A meteorlogical enthusiast who needs something to happen in her life to prevent a descent into ultimate boredom and disillusionment with life, most notably the working population who can afford to go on holidays in April.

Shit I have written way too many cover letters…

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